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Yellow Ladder, Clifton, NJ
"Subtly patterned concrete is set off by the bright, yellow of the ladders, as at the same time its vertical thrust reinforces the strong but gently curved vertical surfaces of the concrete silos." — PH


City Tapestry, 6th Avenue, NYC
"A study in the drama of the rectangles of city walls; a tapestry of planes and muted color. 'I exist in this' shout the graffiti." — PH


Fan, Clifton, NJ
"Rectangles and circles simple and pure. Bright metal and rusty looking industrial dust strangely complement each other in this somber setting." — PH


Mills Facades, Patterson, NJ
"Time is here. What went on in these mills when they were active? Is it different now? The hillside beyond also has changed and not changed." — PH


Early Sunday Morning Hubcap, Prince Street, NYC
"Actually seen on an early Sunday morning while sitting in front of a Prince Street coffee shop; a humorous image which reflects on Hopper's masterpiece." — PH


Ballet, Central Park, NYC
"Strength and delicacy in this tree blossom and the grace of the bending branch remind one of the dance. In contrast is the rigid stone floral pattern in the background." — PH


Bag, Prince Street Loft
"Paper and hemp, plain and commonplace: intriguing. What was in the bag? What will it hold next? Who left it just sitting there on the the floor?" — PH


Gates XXII, Central Park, NYC
"Straight-line and curve, rest and motion; the elegant lamppost will remain after Jeanne-Claude and Cristo's wonderful Gates are gone." — PH


Broken Warnings
"This was a chance seeing on a morning trip to the deli. I was struck by the infectious geometry of these warning devices, broken but still on the job!" — PH


Long Roofline
"An extraordinary number of images have come to me from this roof-line and wall. Moving light and shadow make the ordinary beautiful." — PH


High Window, Low sun, Milford, PA
"Geometric patterns of light and shadow cast by the late afternoon sun sharpens yet softens a dormer wall." — PH


Central Park


Space, Time, Houston Street, NYC
"The geometry of the helix is that of life; both sharp and soft; motion confined to a circular path in one direction, free to move in the other." — PH


Heavy Sky


Bird Posing, Chesire, CT
"Repose and energy seen in a fleeting moment of stillness in this bird's hectic daily schedule. Here she poses showing her gently colored feathers, soft yet sharp." — PH


Study in Orange and Shadow, Greene Street, NYC
"Safety orange netting contrasts with buff concrete in a pattern of rectangles. The surface of the netting is further broken down with rectangular openings through which we see depth in the receding planes behind." — PH


Burnt Oranges


Thoughtful Construction Worker and Rebar