"In 2001, I began attending the Critical Inquiry class taught by Dorothy Koppelman at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, at first submitting oil paintings for criticism. Late that year, I purchased a small digital camera to record images as ideas for paintings. As I am a slow and tedious painter, I began to concentrate on the photographic image itself.  As I learned to see beauty in, and to have sincere emotion about, the everyday, my work improved, and I find my camera now constantly looking for instances of this beauty.  For this I will always be grateful." — PH


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Silhouette - 2006 - Spring Street & West Broadway
"Awakened by multiple sirens late at night, I watched, transfixed, the sight of this inferno, only a block away. Finally remembering my camera, I was able to record some of our firemen's brave professionalism in the face of this hell of flames." — PH


Architectural Reflection


NY Skyline


"What can be seen in folded umbrellas - dignified Bishops in their robes." — PH


NYC Rock Garden




Clouds Under Dark Sky


Curved Steel at Sunset
"Hard steel softened by its curve and the light of the setting sun, yet not as gentle as the misty river scene." — PH


Fierce Beauty


Sermon on the Lawn
"High and Low. A lesson from the pulpit on how to avoid that ol' devil mower?" — PH


Temporary Ornament
"A splendid place to keep tabs on the surrounding streets and rooftops and the possibility of food." — PH


City Totem


Dog on Street


Shameless (I am ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille)
"She insisted on inclusion, perhaps hoping to get the part. The oneness of calm and intensity comes easily to a cat." — PH


Light and Dark Grass



Something Wicked This Way Comes — After Ray Bradbury's Short Story
"Theater or reality or both? Bright color and murky shadow give Greene Street the mood of a carny." — PH


Harriet's View
"Rear tenement facades with exhaust chimneys from restaurants below. Seen while talking to Mrs. Bernstein on Thompson Street." — PH




Woman and Hats


Water Lilies


White Shirt and Bricks


Hot Rectangles
"The classic New York pushcart: a study in the rectangle, the universal and everyday geometry of the city." — PH