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SoHo Sunset


Kayak, New York Harbor
"This is a study in the intimate and the vast, one man in a small craft within the grand scope of New York Harbor. Pilings, the remains of, and reminding us of, a large pier structure now gone, place singularities in the context of time." — PH


NY Colors, SoHo
"Here, on the corner of Greene and Houston, in a street scene with the common city sights of scaffolding and safety netting and the ubiquitous fire escape, we find, unexpectedly, the colors of NYC, blue and orange.

In his lecture, "New York Begins Poetically," Eli Siegel states:  “You can use a point to get to the whole world, and New York is a good place to begin to be fair to reality as such.” I find that I often use individual objects or details to imply, or to try to see the meaning of, the whole.

While attending classes taught at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, I began to learn of the power and subtlety of the opposites in art and life. In Chaim Koppelman’s drawing class, Dorothy Koppelman’s Critical Inquiry, and Anne Fielding’s acting class, I learned to see beauty in, and to have sincere emotion about, the everyday. Now, with camera in hand, I find that I look at the city with clearer eyes–I see more of reality’s rich fabric, more of life in its people and works, and more of how to be at one with all of this." — PH


Survey Team Descending a Staircase (59fh Street)
"There is something pure here, and something infernal." — PH


Doorway in Shadow and Sunlight


Contrast, East 57th Street
"A quiet moment in time as the great buildings of our city are lit, then obscured by other buildings, as the sun moves across the sky. Chiaroscuro on 57th Street, still, but ever changing." — PH


Strength and Delicacy
"Even heavy cobblestones take on a certain lightness, and respond to the strength and delicacy of the sawhorses." — PH


Haiku on Permanence
"A chance seeing on the City Hall Subway System platform. The irregular sets off the regular." — PH


Blue Curtain


Statue Honoring Birds


Street Scene
"A scene with motion: two of those walking are about to leave the image frame and diagonals abound, yet there is, overall, a feeling of stillness." — PH


Sunday Morning Homage to Hopper


Early Morning Shadows


The Other Side




Hidden Beauty


Sunset, Windows,  Books


Working in the Rain, Prince Street, NYC
"Light and dark here convey known and unknown, the mystery of the everyday. What is this man feeling? Where will he be going?" — PH